Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How Gamers Are Buying

The digital frontier is finally kicking in with video games. In the last quarter, more money was spent by gamers through means other then traditional retail stores. This would include digital purchases, used games, rentals, subscriptions, and the like. Overall profit is down about 11% in comparison to the 2010 numbers, but this is a shift a lot of us have been waiting to see.

With so much of our world focused on getting things NOW and not later, digital distribution has been expanding. Even EA Origin, as much as I hate the service, is becoming a power house for gamers as a means of getting their products. Though I believe Steam is still the top seller with Amazon right behind it.

Even with this transition to digital, I'm sticking to my boxes. Though I'm still disappointed at the lack of a manual in SW:TOR, there's just something about having that physical copy to hold in your hands. A new game smell, if you will. It's something that is mine, not locked away on a cold server somewhere that I can access. If you smell a Sunday musing about this topic, you might be right.


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