Saturday, December 31, 2011

Incoming 2012

Favorite image of the year.
I think we're all waiting on Jack Black
to advertise for the WoW Pandoria release.
Another year has passed. Like many of you, I can't believe that it's going to be January 1st starting tomorrow. And as April 4th, 2012 I will have had this blog up for 2 years. A new record for me and for the posting world. According to Blogger stats, the average blog will last for about 6 months before the "author" stops posting updates, creates a new blog, or moves on to other internet projects. Yea me for sticking with it.

But it's been a good amount of fun for me. Sure I ramble and I rant a lot, but who doesn't these days? This has been a great outlet to collect my thoughts about a topic that I have loved since the day I could hold an Atarti controller in my hands.

So a thank you to all for continuing to support and read. I know the comments are few and far between, and that's ok. Looking as stats, I know there are readers.

No this isn't a good-bye post. I don't plan on giving this up anytime soon.

Instead, it's a flashback to some of my favorite/amusing/depressing posts of the past year. Enjoy!

January - Yoji Shinkawa at a live art show drawing Metal Gear Solid.
February - Video Games Are A Business.
March - Only 5% of the games on the market are rated M.
April - Tough month to narrow down. I wrote a lot of good topics. But we'll go with the Compelling Argument for "useless" games.
May - How I would run a study about violent video games.
June - A Really Crappy E3.
July - I nearly lost my mind without my computer.
August - 5 Controller Destroying Momenets, and a sad attempt to get Kotaku to hire me.
September - My 10 Favorite Games...Ever!
October - Men are not men because of games. Wha?
November - ESRB for mobile games.
December - Blaming the gamer, not the games through a backwards blog title.

Have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve to all that are going out tonight. Me? I'll probably be playing TOR or Skyward Sword.


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