Saturday, December 03, 2011

More The Old Republic Stuff

I know you all will probably be sick of me by the end of the month, but I'll do my best to keep the notes limited.

Two pieces of "news" today. First, BioWare is releasing tracks throughout the month up until the game's release through their Facebook page and their YouTube channel. For direct links:

Korriban Home World - Starting planet for Sith Warrior and Inquisitor
Mandalorian Blockade - Galaxy Map

The music in this game will make you feel as though you are in a Star Wars movie. You do have some of the traditional songs like the fanfare and bits of music from the movie. What I love is that as you run through a city, the music will queue up as you move. Sometimes it has meaning and other times it's random. Or in important boss battles or fighting against Elite mobs you'll get a different battle music. Certain sectors will have their own tune. Even talking to your companions will produce a song that is unique to their character. It really feels like you are playing the movie. So cool. Anyway, enjoy the music throughout the month!

Secondly, GamePro. Yes it is sad that a magazine with such a long history in the gaming community is being shut down on December 5th, with their website going to their sister PCWorld. For so many of us in the 80's and early 90's, GamePro was all that we had! There was no internet; no G4 or E3. If we wanted to know about video games, we had a magazine. Once it got knocked down to a quarterly earlier this year I knew it would be going under soon. There will be an odd amalgamation of it via PCWorld as a gaming channel, but it won't be the magazine we have known.

Amidst that sadness, they released their review of Star Wars The Old Republic. I have to thank my friend for showing this to me, because even I have to give a big WTF. Not because I'm a Star Wars fan girl but this was just poor tastes even for them. A 1/10? Really? Did you even play the beta? Oh you did? For how long? You only got to level 13 girl 1? And you sir, only a couple of hours? And you other lady, just a few levels? And man number 2 you played 3 jobs in a few hours? Wow. Extensive reviewing there!

It is just a horrible, miserable attempt at a "review". I almost want to wager that they're doing this as a means of getting noticed. A last ditch effort to get more views and subscriptions before they are gone. But really, it just made me question their legitimacy, something I've never done in their 22 years of existence.

Go ahead. Spend weeks farming these guys.
They're like the WoW Boars. Except they can
poison and kill you within minutes. >.>
Basic rules of reviewing:

1.) Don't base a review off of a beta. Yes their are glitches. Yes things are not polished. (everyone say it with me!) It Is A Beta. This isn't the retail version that will be given to the public. Wait for that version before you start tearing into it. I know it's an MMO that's always changing, but some of the content really isn't seen until release. Some of those bugs aren't fixed, until release. When it's out and ready for the general public, have at it.

2.) Not every MMO wants to be like WoW. TOR is no different. Are there some aspects similar to WoW, sure. WoW is still on the top and people want that kind of success. But it is not a WoW clone. In fact, it does a lot of things differently from WoW and the other thousands of MMO's that exist. By trying to make that 1-2 comparison is shoddy.

3.) Know the company that made the game. This is the one area that made me wonder if they have ever played a game before. About 1:26-1:35 in the YouTube video one of the reviewers makes a remark about the cut-scenes, that WoW people will hate them, and you can't bypass them. Clearly he didn't read the pop-up tutorial in game and has NEVER played a BioWare game. You can always skip cutscenes in BioWare games. Always. So I am calling your bluff. You people really are not reviewers, else you would have known this already.

4.) Story is a bad thing? Yeah this one confused me too. Apparently none of the GamePro reviewers want a story with their game. >.> They just want to skip all the conversations and get to farming Rakghouls. Sure. Feel free to hit space bar all you want. But you just defeated the entire purpose of the game. If you want a Star Wars game without a story go pick up that Kinect Lightsaber game that hasn't release yet.

GamePro, while I am sad to see you go you all are leaving on a pretty terrible note. Again it's not because I have enjoyed my time in the TOR beta for the past year, rather your means of reviewing are just terrible. It is so bad that it is beyond words. And that is why we're talking about it and your website is getting unnecessary hits. If that was the plan, then it worked.


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