Friday, December 09, 2011

Touch My Katamari?

Oh Namco. You and your game titles. Touch My Katamari has a new trailer out for it's incoming PSVita release in February 2011. With an odd billiards tie-in. We knew it was coming ever since this years TGS and now we have more footage available, even if it's just 30 seconds after the end of a 2 minute billiard session.

So what's different? Well from the game play it looks like the same worlds that were in the Xbox 360 Beautiful Katamari. Seeing the Disney-esque ferris wheel theme park and Eiffel tower combo it matches exactly with the 360 levels once you reach global mode. And that scene with the large tv cameras and knocking into the green fence? Yeah that happens in the 360 game too. :/ I'm disappointed. I was hoping for some new content. I know, I know. There's only so much new stuff they can do with a Katamari game, but rehashing some okay Xbox 360 levels wasn't the way to go.

The only thing that I am interested in seeing are prices and trying the game for myself. The new aspect is that since the Vita offers touchscreen, you can physically stretch your Katamari out to pick up multiple things at once. Or! you can squeeze it to fit in-between tight spaces without losing your speed to get those pesky little objects you may have missed. It's a new element of game play that's kind of cool. But some new levels would be appreciated.


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