Monday, January 23, 2012

20 Years of Civilization and a CNN Interview

Did anyone else feel their back buckle a little bit at the thought of that? Mario is 20+. So is Sonic. And the first red mage in Final Fantasy. It's kind of nice to see that they're still hanging in as best as they can to impact the lives of today's children.

Sid Meier chatted with CNN about this anniversary and his prophecies of the future he made way back in the day.

I've always said that games will someday take over the world and that seems to be happening.

It's a relatively simple interview. The usual congrats on the game's success and history, what will be new in the future, how's the social media/Facebook version going? Things like that.

I would have liked to have seen him discuss more about social gaming. The question was has social media changed the way gamers are thinking and Sid's response was about the growth of diversity. He didn't really answer the question but raised more questions. Is it good that gaming is growing into these new avenues? Are we seeing positive changes in the culture? Has this growth of social media gaming hampered or bringing creativity out? Things like that.

Again not a bad interview, but if I were given 20 minutes with Sid I would have come up with better questions. Just saying.

Now if you'll excuse me. It's time to pull out Civ 3.


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