Sunday, January 15, 2012


I've started a new project for my cosplaying hobby. We call it CosPod.

It's a Cosplay Podcast that will provide tutorials, reviews, interviews, discussion groups, convention coverage, and anything else cosplay related that I didn't mention.

Our first episode is up and running. It'll be a bi-weekly (or twice a month) video podcast. We're pretty detailed about our tutorials so you don't need to watch the video if you download it to your IPod, but we will upload individual segments onto our YouTube page after episodes are released.

If you like it or want to leave constructive feedback, please visit our Facebook Fan Page.

We also have a DeviantArt account and hope to feature a cosplayer of the month when we get more members. Hopefully starting next month. ^^ And yes, we has a Twitter.

So much social media! Dah!

I'm still debating on having a Facebook page for The Geek Spot. I already manage enough as is. I think my ramblings are just fine right here. >.>


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