Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lights Going Out On January 18th

Whether you agree with the premise of the SOPA bill or not, tomorrow thousands of websites, including some popular ones in the geek realm like Wikipedia, Newgrounds, and MineCraft (yes, even MineCraft is protesting) will be "offline".

In general, I support freedom of speech and no censorship. I know a lot of people abuse those rights and a number of people complain about what's being said. It goes both ways. I have the right to speak freely just as you have the right to not listen. I think people tend to forget about the latter while they complain about the former. lol

While I think the concept of the bill isn't bad, the language being used would push away a lot of the creativity that exists on the internet. It's not about Hollywood having all the money, because they don't (there are a NUMBER of people that make just enough to get by) and it's not about the psuedo geeks wanting to stand up to corporations. It's about the freedom to be creative. That's why I'm supporting tomorrows protest and won't be posting. I wish you all a good day and see you on Thursday.


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