Thursday, January 26, 2012

Netflix and Cali

A double dose of "ouch" news.

First, Netflix is canning it's plans to add video games to it's rental system. After the outcry to the changes and fees last quarter, the company is re-evaluation it's services. We knew that they killed Quickster, which would be part of the gaming program, but the idea of gaming rentals was still on the table. Well now it's official. No games from Netflix.

Sad face. Not that I would use it all that much, but the option of having it there and being a Netflix subscriber was enticing. I would have put some effort into using it once or twice.

Second bit of news, you know that whole mess with California trying to pass that law to ban the sales of Mature games to kids and the Supreme Court calling them dumb asses? Well lucky, lucky California tax payers, they get to foot the bill. Over $1.3 million went into the creation of the law and legal fees and payment to the ESA. They are going to use that money to fund educational projects in low income areas. How nice of them. But man...that's a pretty large bill. I'm a little surprised it isn't more for how much they were talking about the case. Leeland Yee still doesn't get it.


  1. That’s some crazy news about the new California bill, it’s very pricey but it’s for the kids! As for the Netflix news I’m not too surprised considering that they want out of the disc rental industry altogether. I dropped Netflix shortly after their Qwikster fiasco and started a free trial of the Blockbuster Movie Pass for 3 months. I’ve since held onto the Blockbuster Movie Pass because it’s only $10 and it gets me streaming, DVD/Blu-ray and video game rentals. I use streaming for movies and shows and use my one disc at a time on video games. One of my co-workers at DISH brags on a weekly basis that the clarity of Blu-ray is the only way to watch a movie so I’m even thinking about upgrading my DVD player to a Blu-ray player.

  2. @Nicole:

    I thought about dropping Netflix. I've been a member of Blockbuster for years. I still have the old membership card from way back in the day.

    The problem that I have with Blockbuster is lack of variety. They push latest releases and have very few, if any foreign or pre 1980's movies. Where as Netflix from day one has always had exactly what I want. And being a film student, that really helps. XD

    Thanks for your comment!


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