Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh Look. More Game Blaming

A justified facepalm alert.

A lawyer for a man in New Jersey who was charged with firebombing several synagogues is saying video games made him do it. In particular the XBox 360. Not just one particular game, but the entire system. That's ballsy.

This is someone who may be, with their own problems they have within their own head, been taken over by these games that young people play now.

He could have went with the insanity plea, but started laying into video games being the problem. Not the person.

Take it as you will. It's another dumbass trying to not accept that they are at fault. *shrugs* If anything, they're going after the wrong system. I'd imagine more harm came out of the Nintendo Wii then any others. Think about all of those broken televisions, fans, and fingers from hitting said fans. And Mario is one to promote setting things on fire, even helpless turtles! >.>


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