Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Response Blog - Can Hollywood Win Back Young Men?

Lured by the evil that is video games, what ever shall Hollywood do?

To be clear, the article focuses on young men not going to movies like they use to. What happened to the woman? We make up a pretty large chunk of the movie and gaming population. We're always at the bottom the food chain.

It's no surprise that we'll be seeing more articles and blogs like this. 2011 was a pretty slow year for movies in terms of ticket sales. Taking into consideration the rise in ticket prices (just checking at a local theater, it would cost $25 for 2 people to go in the evening; holy crap), 2011 saw a drop of up to 13 percent, a 10 year low for movies. More and more people are moving towards other mediums to get their content. Even I, a die-hard purist of going to the theater and being a film student, have found myself just waiting for a film to come out on Netflix. I'd rather wait and pay $9.99 for unlimited movies a month then to spend $25 going to a theater with crappy popcorn (remember when that use to be good?), screaming children, and people talking on their cell phones. No thanks. I'll pass.

Are video games to blame? No, but they are a contributing factor as to where people are spending their free time. While the original blog post goes with the idea that story gets in the way of blowing things up, I would, of course, argue otherwise. If you can't sit through the story of LA Noire or Catherine then you don't deserve to play a video game. I'd argue that it's the exact opposite. We're leaning more towards video games because Hollywood hasn't brought us anything new where as video games have been evolving and changing. Sure we have a slew of Call of Duty, Halo, and squeals to make our eyes bleed, but for every one sequel we have dozens of new games. Limbo for example. Where as the movies this year have been nothing but rehashing the same content. Even the "new" movies such as Thor are just reusing source material from somewhere else. Again not saying that video games aren't doing this, but there are more unique pieces out there that are easy to find in comparison to movies.

I don't think Hollywood needs to "win" anyone back. Rather, they need to update themselves to the times. No, not 3D. 3D has been around since the 1950's. No one wants to admit to it. It's a fad that always comes and goes. Hollywood is in dire desperation of new blood. We're all getting tired of the sequels. Even the sequels are tired of them. They also need to find a way to better integrate themselves with the technology made available today. I'd be willing to pay a monthly subscription to Fox or WB to download their latest movie to my computer/tablet/gaming system. And not 6 months after theater release. Same day. Great way to get back to Netflix too.

There are a lot of options out there that Hollywood studios need to explore. It's slowly turning into a dying business.


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