Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sundance + Video Game Documentary

Indie Game: The Movie will be appearing at this years Sundance Festival in Utah. The directors/producers/creators spoke with the Salt Lake Tribune about the project. It focuses on two independent developers as they work through the gaming system to produce products for consumption. It also became a parallel between the directors of the film and the developers themselves; working through financial constraints, their artistic vision, etc.

[Filming them] was like filming ourselves six months into the making of our feature. ~ Lisanne Pajot

For fans of Super Meat Boy, they are one of the developers focused in this film. The other is a solo Canadian act.

But it's a traditional story about the struggles of being the little fish in the big pond and it reflects on the lives of the directors of the film. I'd be interested in seeing it, but we already know the outcome of stories like these. As our hobby ages, we'll see more movies about them. It's inevitable.


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