Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Explosion of Stories!

February is starting out with massive amounts of gaming and social networking news. Already this one day makes up for the lack of stories last month.

First up, Facebook. Because if you're living under a rock, you know that today Facebook went public, and people are buying it up like mad. It was originally estimated to be worth 100 billion, and some people are still claiming that to be true. With it's stock going up for sale, it'll be interesting to see what happens. Facebook is still as ever popular and continues to grow in numbers. Not even Google + is able to catch up, for now. So of course if you have money BUY STOCK. XD

Next, the government, mostly the one's inside the shiny white building, are spearheading a project to study the benefits of video games over an 18 month period. It's something they hope to implement into museum tours and the like to get kids more interested in history. It's nice to see a project where it isn't about the negative side of gaming. There are lots of great stuff to that gets overlooked!

Kazuo of Sony is being entrusted to become the next president and CEO of Sony. The man has turned the face of the company and really pushed to market the PS3 properly, when before it was just kind of there and getting an asswhooping by Microsoft in the U.S. His task is to get the focus onto the Vita and help boost profits after a few years of economic woes.

And in stupid news, an Oklahoma representative wants to instate a tax on violent video games to help curb the rise in bullying and obesity in children.

I'll let that sink in for a moment.

His logic is that too many kids are being picked on and getting fat for playing games. He wants to propose a 1% tax increase on games rated by the ESRB as T, M, or AO and use those funds to help with kids programs to prevent bullying and obesity. Reading the bill, it's some interesting language. Apparently it's needed "immediately" to help with public safety. Ok then. Good luck with that bill.


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