Friday, February 10, 2012

The Hell Jaffe?!

There goes David Jaffe running his mouth again. He's good at it. Not good in the sense of he's right. But good that he has a knack for doing it.

He recently gave a keynote regarding the state of video games and that games and movies don't go together. Which I'll agree with. Games based on movies and vice-versa just don't work. They are two different mediums of entertainment that don't transpose to one another so easily. The most successful is Resident Evil and that has been pulled so far away from the games that it doesn't resemble even 1% of the original content.

That's not what I wanted to talk about. It's the rest of his speech.

On telling stories in games: I think it's a waste of time and resources, and it has stunted the medium of video games.
Wait. Backup here. I know you're not known for great story telling but come on. Really? The telling of stories is stunting the growth of the industry

I know you've been busy with Twisted Metal. I get that it's a game about driving zany vehicles and blowing up your friends. But I'm not going to spend $59.99 on a game that doesn't have a story. I <3 Twisted Metal but that will not be a day one purchase for me just for that reason. I'll wait until it drops to $29.99 and then I'll think about it.

It seems...moronic to say the least to proclaim that stories and interjecting philosophy into games is a waste of time. To say that we shouldn't be would stunt the growth of the industry. You CAN have fun playing a game that is focused on story. Limbo is a great example of this. Very simple graphics and game-play but it is a powerful story that drives people to play. And you know what? It's a lot of fun to play as the character and go along his journey.

I don't know. I think David got smacked by the clown or something. This just seems like crazy talk. Sure I enjoy the occasional mindless slaying of aliens, but all the time? No thanks. I enjoy playing games that challenge my brain to think outside of the box.


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