Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Progressive or Just BioWare?

People are apparently freaking out that you can be gay with man-Sheppard in Mass Effect 3. I.E. It's not limited to being fem-shep getting it on with another lady. It is man on man action!

I'm with BioWare on this one. Why is this such a big deal? They're not making a political statement. They're not choosing a side. They are giving their gamers more choices, because that is what they want.

Sex and games is still fairly new so anytime there is something "scandalous" it's brought to the forefront. Hot Coffee anyone? And BW is no stranger to it. Take half a second to think about it's games and one of the first things you'll probably think of is all of the same-sex opportunities that are available. Rockstar isn't far behind on the content.

In fact when BW chose (maybe not the best word since this doesn't exist in the Lucas universe) to not have same-sex relationships in Star Wars The Old Republic, a lot of people got upset, boycotted the beta, and didn't buy the game at release. I'll bet 5 bucks half of those people are playing the game now. I'd love to link to those forums posts but they've all been removed since BW started with a clean slate at release. And some of the things people were typing really didn't make sense. You're going to not buy the game because it doesn't have same-sex content in it? You must not play any video games at all then, but oh wait. I see you have your latest high score in Mortal Kombat in your signature. Yeah. That's how you'll stick it to the man. No pun intended.

While I'm all for the progressive aspects that gaming is aiming to take us, is it really that big of a deal in the end? We're all people, playing a game and living out a fantasy. Not everything has to be focused on politics and a game's interpretation of the real world. Sometimes yes. But when a company is being adamant about not playing, let's take their word for it and move on. They have more important things to worry about. Like fixing PvP in TOR.

It’s the player’s choice. It’s a role-playing game. ~Ray Muzyka


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