Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bill To Add Warning Label To Most Video Games

This could be bad.

The concept is to add a warning label on to all video games, EXCEPT EC (Early Childhood), that link video games to increased aggressive behavior. Something that has not been 100% proven. Unlike lung cancer, emphazima, and death with cigarettes.

Is there a chance that you will become aggressive after playing a video game? Maybe. Will it happen? Probably not. Can a kid become psychologically traumatized? Possibly, but they more than likely have a pre-existing condition that allowed it to develop beyond it’s normal stages.

The bill is currently sitting in the U.S. House of Representatives. If it passes, the ESRB will have 180 days to implement it to every package of every video game.

Silly? You bet. I’m pretty sure the U.S. should be more focused on important things, like the economy, or the fact that we’re selling off half of our oil reserves and allowing prices at home to skyrocket. Especially when there has not been any definitive proof about the link between aggression and video games. I myself have a doctor’s note from middle school through high school to play video games as a stress release. I’m not sure how that is suppose to relate to aggression when I’m far from being an “aggressive” person. Even more so, we have had numerous of studies released as of late that show the exact opposite of what the bill is claiming. Video games are proving to improve cognitive development, hand-eye coordination, and clearly with the billions of people playing games every day, we are all living proof that games do not increase aggression.

How do we stop it? Write your state representative. Just like with SOPA, we have the power to overturn these types of bills. It’s not just about our right to free expression and having labels slapped on them, it’s also our duty to tell the government to focus their attention on something else. How about the national unemployment rate, debt, and the millions of homeless children that could use food, shelter, and clothing. And this would only be the first step. If they can place that label on video games, then what’s next? Movies. Television (does anyone remember what TV was like before the VChip?). Cars. Food (food has been linked to making you fat). Pets…the possibilities are endless. I know it sounds stupid, but it can happen. I ask you to go look at China and you’ll see what I mean.


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