Monday, March 26, 2012

Game Group May Be Out Before April 1st.

While I don’t know of this company, probably because it’s based in the UK, it’s always a punch to have a company going under and people losing jobs. Whether you love or hate them, it’s not something you wish upon people. Unless you did, then you’re a heartless a-hole. :)

Nearly 6,000 staff members for Game Group are facing firing. The Game Group has over 600 stores titled Game and Gamestation. The group is hopeful that the company could be sold (and I’m sure GameStop would be interested in the retail space). The company has fallen after some bad trading over the past few months, causing gaming manufacturers to not want to send them their products. The joint administrator, Mike Jervis, has also stated that high fixed costs, and a plan for international services has damaged the capital the company did manage to accrue. When EA and Nintendo are not willing to stock your store, you know something is wrong.

So people of UK, be prepared to have those Game stores turn into EBGames (parent company GameStop). You know they’ll pick them up on the cheap. At the very least, some of those people might be able to hang on to their jobs.


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