Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's In The Game Microsoft!

I don’t know if this is funny or sadly poignant.
Microsoft recruited a former Sony exec, Phil Harrison, to be the corporate VP for their European division on interactive entertainment (aka video games). Not only will he be in charge or marketing and helping bolster sales of the Xbricks in Europe, he gets to oversee other UK developers that are in league with Microsoft such as Lionhead Studios, Soho Productions, and Rare Ltd.
Before anyone asks, he’s basically in the mafia of the Playstation family and literally the father of SCE. His knowledge and instincts lead the launch of all Playstation consoles. He also managed dozens of studios under the Sony wing. He has had his hand in a ton of projects that are just too many too name within a small blog space. He willingly left Sony in 2008 to pursue other interests and focus more on development again.
Which didn’t last and now he’s back, with Microsoft. This could be a turn for the better for Microsoft. Their sales internationally haven’t been so great. They could use a fresh perspective on how to make the Xbricks more appealing to those countries.


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