Saturday, March 03, 2012

Sh*t My Dad Doesn't Say

It's been well over a year since I posted about my dad playing an MMO game. Guess what? He's still going. He's learned what a guild is, what it means to raid, and that tea-bagging corpses is no longer funny. He has climbed the highest mountain in Rift and continues to explore the game at his own pace. He even became social and started talking to others, where before he was more focused on being a solo player. Currently he is a temporary leader for his guild during those times when the guild-heads are MIA or AFK.

He has become one of us and I'm still weird-ed out by it.

Let me break that down, because I'm not offended, appalled, or confused by the fact that he plays video games. He has been a gamer since Pong and brought the magic to our little, fragile minds from the moment we could hold an Atari controller in our hands. He's very much about first person shooters, war games, and flight simulators. As soon as computer gaming became affordable he jumped to it. I'm amazed that we didn't destroy our copy of Star Wars X-Wing. We abused that game.

And as the gaming world grew he stuck to what he knew best. My brother and I have tried to get him to play Halo and Call of Duty on the Xbricks, but he never could get into it. He's a very one-mind-set man. Likes the things as they are. He is more about playing games as a solo activity, not as a group. Doesn't want too much change because it alters his routine. Which is fine. We're happy to see that he still games when most people his age call us kids and losers for doing it.

One year later and I still don't know how he got into Rift. I know the big reason that he tried it out in the first place is because of my brother, who worked as a QA on the game and continues to work at Trion Worlds. But he still plays. No longer the solo player, he likes to play with others.

Again I asked him about this and he still can't provide me with an answer. He just likes to play.

My brother and I got him a copy of Star Wars The Old Republic. I am an agent of the Empire. My brother a Jedi for the Republic. Pops decided to try out Bounty Hunter first. Now I know where I got my personality from. He has been enjoying it. Didn't pick our server of course, but that's ok. I'm going to make a character on his server so I can experience this first hand and try to figure out what made him decide to go against his normal play-style. Ever since Rift he hasn't picked up an FPS. We got him a copy of CoDMW3 (not by choice) as a gift last year and he has yet to touch it. Cold turkey on the shooters! It's all about MMO's now.

So what causes a person to change their taste in games? How do they look at a product they once deemed silly and now see it as apart of their gaming habits?

I'm going to keep watching and waiting to see what happens. It caught my curiosity. He's a creature of habit and to stop playing FPS is odd. And now he likes to play with weird for him. I need to start recording this stuff and make it into a paper.


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