Thursday, April 26, 2012

End of TechTv. For Reals This Time!

Not that I watch G4 at all, except for E3 coverage that I can’t find on the interwebs (though even that is starting to expand at such a rate that G4 coverage seems rather pointless), long-time tv personality Adam Sessler is out. Which is kind of sad. Of all of the “talent” in front the camera, he was one that I enjoyed watching. Mostly because he gave gamers some credibility to discuss our hobby in an intellectual manner.

His last episode of X-Play was aired yesterday. It seems like the parting was mutual and/or respected. He’s been with G4 back when it was TechTV( ah the good ol’ days!) since 1998. He’s currently working on a movie project called noobz as well as potential production deals and other gaming stuff. While no longer with G4, he’s not going to remove himself completely from the geek pool. He is one of us after all.

Adam S. While I gave up on G4 a long, long time ago, you were my one ray of hope through every E3 event. And for that, you will be missed.

I will never forget your eloquence in defending video games against then attorney (I’m not sure if he legally is still one?) Jack Thompson on Attack of the Show...before that went stupid too. You do us gamers proud sir. Go take that well-earned nap.


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