Monday, April 09, 2012

From the 501st to the 503rd

The Sims are not real people.
You can set them on fire with no consequences.
You can't do that IRL.
It’s obvious that EA and I don’t get along. I’m all for boycotting the company, but my reason is because they are a heartless corporation with little concern for their customers as they have lost their core values years ago. To boycott the company because they allow for same sex couples in a game is ridiculous. 
But apparently that’s what people are trying to do. SWTOR came under fire well into the beta days over a year ago for not featuring same sex couples. I remember the BioWare devs stating that it wasn’t their decision. It came from the higher ups at LucasFilm. For some reason people expect BioWare to always have gay relationships in their games, regardless of its use to the story. Even better is that BW doesn’t have a stance on the position. They don’t HAVE to do anything. They actually care about the story not about who you can hook up with. Who knew.
Well in an upcoming patch, you can do that. The same sex relationship that is. Because we all know if you’re a female IA agent, your choices in male companions are limited and creepy. We all want Kaliyo and you know it. But no! Think of the children! It’ll hurt them! How? This is a T rated game mind you. Your kids shouldn’t be playing this. And if your teenagers are, it might be a good idea to have that talk about the birds, the bees, and the walrus. Healthy discussions are good people. Not gay bashing.
Brit actor Stephen Fry is taking a stand on the issue via Twitter. You can hashtag @Yoda or @ea to show your support. I probably won’t because it is EA, the most evil corporation in the U.S., and soon to be the world. (Just to make it clear, I hate EA for reasons OTHER than their use of same sex relationships in games. Love is love. If you love someone of the same sex, cool. If you don’t, that’s cool too. I’m not going to judge you for your lifestyle. You’re you. Do what makes you feel happy. A game offering same sex relationships doesn’t bother me in the least bit nor does it influence my purchasing power. The development of the game and story do.) But to boycott them because 2 completely fictional, not real, totally digital same sex characters have a relationship? Stupid.


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