Thursday, April 19, 2012

Internet People! You Donated A Lot Last Month

To kickstarter video game projects of course! 9 million, 330 thousand and some change in U.S. dollars. Quite a nice chunk of change. If you include current fundraising efforts, that extends to $10 million dollars.

To note, with Kickstarter's rules, those are donations that are going to the gaming companies. I.E. they reached their fundraising goal and are able to move forward in their projects. That's dozens of potential independent publishers. Good for us!

Now what happens to the money after all of this...well that's up for debate. Kickstarter does take out a percentage to keep their website up. They don't check on the person/group/companies after that. It really is a blind faith system where you hope that the goodness in people does take over. And for the most part it does. I'm sure there's a story here and there about a kickstarter scam, but they seem to do a pretty good job of weeding those individuals out.

You also have to keep in mind the sometimes unavaoidable, unexpected expendatures. Computer crashes. Server meltdowns. Bills. Loans payments. Marketing. Things come up that you didn't think would happen and they have to be paid for. So a number of those games may not see the final stages of release, but who knows! Way to donate internet. Now, feel free to help pay off my student loans so I can continue bringing you more awesome blog postings. :D


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