Sunday, April 15, 2012

See The Louvre In 3D While Being IN The Louvre

Weird title, but let me explain.

As part f the 3DS juggernaut tour to get people to convert, Nintendo is working with the famed Louvre art building in France by replacing all of their tape recorders with 3DS systems for people to use while taking the tour.

It's not bad in theory.

But not so great in practice.

The program they came up with works for an audio tour. But seems a little stupid. Head to 49 seconds into the video. The woman selects the option to see the Venus de Milo in 3D and she's standing right in front of the statue, fully capable of walking around the entire thing. And a few seconds later, SHE DOES.

Now there are some nifty little things with the program/game that allow the users to see the history and pick up random facts that you'll get from an encyclopedia, but on the whole, it's kind of a fail. Unless you are incredibly lazy, there's no reason for you to use the 3D option when you're right there, in the Louvre, looking at the Venus.

Poor planning on Nintendo's part. What they should have done is given a potential history on how the statues were carved and created a 3D characterization of the process. Or watch daVinci paint the Mona Lisa. That would have been great use of the technology.

I'm for the needed upgraded to the audio tours that museums offer, but this isn't really working for me.


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