Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Want To Read About GTA?

That seems silly when you can just play the game. >.> See what I did there?

Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto was recently published, written by David Kushner. It’s him trying to be unbiased and provide a “historical” view of what happened in the 00’s with gaming and how GTA is in the center of it all.

He has written one book previously, Masters of Doom, to focus on the first big jump of gaming in the 90’s and wanted to continue on that bridge of how the 00’s panned out.

I call it the GTA decade.

His language is pretty broad so even those who know nothing about GTA and the Hot Coffee mod will be able to get into the book and understand. His main points boil down to one fact on why GTA managed to stay on top: it’s a good game. For all of the publicity, the Jack Thompsons, the bad-boy image of RockStar, none of that matters if the franchise was crap. The games have been selling, and still sell, because they are quality products.

I remember Hot Coffee. I even made a t-shirt about it. We were finally getting adults to talk about video games in a serious manner. I’m not talking about the news stories. Those all focused on the wrong aspects. I’m talking about the internet forums where we were openly discussing about video games in a theoretical and spatial manner that allowed us to grow. It’s ok for an adult to play a video game, and we entered into this new era of gaming with that mindset.


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