Friday, April 13, 2012

Why Woman Don't Like To Play With Geek Men

First, read through the article.

I couldn’t find a single problem with it, because it is so sadly true.

And it’s funny how the majority of the cosplay community is female. When photographing or filming at conventions, I try my best to get a good mix, but 9/10 I’m going to get a woman in a costume.

Why is that?

In a geekdom that is dominated by men, why do women outnumber them in cosplay? Are we expected to play dress up because that is what our male counterparts determine we must do? They’re not even counterparts at that rate if they are attempting to conform us to their standards of what a woman in the geek universe should be. Is it because “dressing up” is considered a female only activity? A child-like instinct that men shouldn’t participate in? I remember little boys playing cowboys and Indians, and they took part in putting on the costumes just as little girls wanting to be princesses and have tea parties. What’s the difference?

It’s interesting how we have come so far in society and yet gender still defines the type of person that we are expected to be. Because I’m female, I can’t be a geek. And if I am a geek, I need to know every little detail about everything geek-like. Such as where the bathroom is on the Enterprise, what is the call number for this ship, and who sang this song on this episode of Dr Who for 2 seconds. The things that most normal male geeks are not expected to know, because they are accepted for who they are right up front. As a woman, we have to prove ourselves.

Fairness away!

In an odd sense, cosplay could be viewed as a way of trying to gain “acceptance” into the community. It’s our way of showing men “hey, I like this game/movie/anime/manga too. We can talk about it.” But even that gets dumped to the wayside most of the time in lieu of “who’s hot and who’s not.” I find myself going more and more towards female cosplayers for friendship BECAUSE men are not willing to give me a chance. If I’m not hot/sexy or can’t prove that I know absolutely everything about a specific geek topic, I’m not worth their time and instead we get the creepers.

I’m not saying that this is all men. I know a number of male cosplayers that are pretty normal, and I have a lot of guy friends that accept me at face value. Some of them are geeks and could care less if I know where the bathroom is on the Enterprise (which I do know btw), but they enjoy my company and like me for being me. Holy crap! What a concept!

And even in the subsets of the cosplay culture where you have the super geeks, a number of men are pretty normal. The FF guys for example are pretty cool. They think it’s nifty if you know your sh*t about pre FF7 stuff, but you’re not going to get ragged on if you don’t.

But for a number of men, you really do creep out the women that want to be accepted by the community. And when we’re not accepted, we group up with other girls. Not sexually mind you. So for all of you boys/men out there looking for a nice geek girl, stop scaring us off!


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