Monday, May 14, 2012

Delay on BioShock Infinite Release

BioShock Infinite will be released a little later then expected. The new 2013 date is to help “tweak” some things in the game according to Ken Lavgine, one of the founding designers of BioShock.

It was originally slated for October, which would have helped boost this years gaming numbers considering the low sales retailers are reporting. That’s ok. There’s Halo 4 on Election Day to look forward too. >.>

In the end, it’ll be a better game. Which is good. I’d rather wait for a good game then to have a not-so-finished product pushed out just before Christmas. EA, I’m looking at you.

What I’m taking away from the story is that Ken says they won’t be showcasing this at E3 or Gamerscon. That’s…pretty big. Considering that this is something that you want to sneak in some extra hype if it can net you a few more sales or pre-orders. E3 is going to be taken a hit this year with content. Valve has already stated that they’re bowing out.

The few Japanese devs that do come over are scaling back immensely this year according to reports from the studios directly, and redirecting it to the Tokyo Game Show. Aside from the big three consoles, EA, and Ubisoft starting the show 2 days early like they always do, E3 is looking to turn into another crap hole. Having a full-time job again, I don’t feel disappointed that I’ll be missing coverage live. I’ll just click on IGN or GameSpot when I get home. *shrugs* The allure of E3 has faded quite a bit in the past few years. TGS is taking over.


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