Thursday, May 24, 2012

ITC Votes for Motorola Against Microsoft

The International Trade Commission judges have ruled in the feud between Microsoft and Motorola. If you don’t know about it, you can read it here.

Basically Motorola claims that the Xbox systems are infringing upon patents created by Motorola, to which they haven’t been paid for or received compensation. The problem is there is a lack of concrete evidence to prove otherwise. So while this may play out in a court in California, from a world-wide perspective, the ITC has recommended that Microsoft stop all sales of the Xbox 360 system.

It’s recommended. Not a hard, fast, enforced rule. Unlike court rooms, the ITC judges are just guides. They can’t uphold any ruling they make, nor do they have a police force to handle it. They exist as an “economic conscious”, so to speak. So chances are, Microsoft will still have their systems sold at a local store near you. And they’ll still be exported, within reason. No need to worry until it hits a state court room.

If you all didn’t know, Microsoft is actually pretty tight on the reins when it comes to foreign sales. Part of the reason that they aren’t selling as hot in Japan is because of it (on top of lack of interest). BestBuy, GameStop, WalMart, Target, none of these companies can ship Microsoft products overseas from their US locations. They have to be purchased within that particular country. They couldn’t even ship to Canada for Microsoft stuff for the longest time, and just to get that allowed was a strain on everyone’s sanity. So really, half the blame is Microsoft. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were using Motorola technology in their systems that was unknown.


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