Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Peter Molyneux, Correspondent.

This sounds like an insanely late April Fool’s joke. Peter M, the Jesus of GOD games, behind Will Wright (Sorry Peter, but you know it’s true) is going to be providing a play-by-play-esque analysis of E3 on Spike TV this year. Say wha?

Ok first off, why Spike? Has G4 lost street cred since Adam Sessler left? Spike might be “cool” with the brogamers, but for the majority of us, we really don’t care. But also, Geoff and Stephen from Kotaku are going to be joining him.

So I guess the real question is, when did Spike become cool? Because they haven’t been in a while. Last time is when they ran those all-day James Bond marathons 5-6 years ago.

But, um, yea. That could be kind of fun to watch Peter’s take on E3. I like his view on interviews:


Really depends on who you interview, so:

In Press Briefings it's all about what it means for the future, spotting the trends and asking why they didn't do the obvious. In my experience of EA and Msft its spotting the paranoia which is most fun.

For developers its getting though the desperation and finding the real passion (if any)

For publishers its understanding what's at stake and understanding motivation.

For PR people, I guess it's about poking and having fun with their often over the top PR speak.

In every developers heart is the fear that their work will be measured against the ‘Pillars' used in Publisher meetings when a project is green lit. If there is enough time going into detail about what the Pillars are and what they say about why a game/sequel is made, I think is fascinating.



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