Sunday, May 20, 2012

What To Play...

Fair warning, the next two weeks my blogging will be light. I’m sure a few of you are rejoicing. I’ve been typing up some long ass posts lately. >.> You know. You get into the groove and it’s hard to quit.
I post this in search of gaming creativity. I’m in a rut right now. I don’t know what to play.
Diablo 3 is out, but seeing the issues Blizzard is still having and the price tag, I’m opting to wait until the sale’s hit (because we know it’ll happen). I’ve finished up my stack of PS1 re-releases on PS3. Even 13-2 is FINALLY done. It took me a while…it came out during convention/cosplay season. Bad form, but worth the wait.
I still have my The Old Republic subscription and fiddle with my characters from time to time. But I need something…new.
That’s the problem. I can’t find anything new.
I see first person shooters, the rpg’s, the action adventure, the puzzles, the platformers. They are all the same. If not in design then in content. If not in content, then in graphics, or story, or studios. Too much sameness.
I don’t remember it being this difficult to find a new video game. There was always something out there that was different. It didn’t have to be good, but it wasn’t mainstream.
Phoenix Wright was like that for me. So totally not mainstream. It still isn’t. At times, it’s a weird game. At others, it’s not. It’s not the greatest game, and not the worse. Just somewhere in the middle. But it’s unique. It provided a different type of gaming beyond the norm. That’s why I still find myself picking it up from time to time. I know the cases. I know how the end, but the journey is still enjoyable.
So that’s what I need. A new game. Let’s hear them.

(Aside: Don’t you hate it when I force people to provide me with a response? lol)


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