Thursday, May 17, 2012

What Xbox 360 Games Aren't In Japan

I’m always curious to find out what isn’t released in other countries. Usually it’s the Japanese games holding out on Western audiences. But it goes the other way around too. Having a not-so-heathly Microsoft market probably impacts this as well.

A lot of these are obvious, movie-based games (particularly the American comic-book ones which don’t hold a high popularity as they do here in the U.S.) for example. Call of Duty: World at War I’m going to side with Activision and say it’s because that’s the year that they moved out their Japan office.

But what surprised me is Silent Hill: Homecoming. It’s a game from Konami. They’re based in Japan. The heck? It may have to do with the fact that this particular installment of the series was developed by Double Helix Games, a Western company. And while a release to Japan was expected, it was later cancelled. It also had to be toned down to meet censorship guidelines in other countries so it may have been a case of “we’ve already dealt with so much of this, we’re broke and/or can’t continue making edits.” Even still, it’s been a popular import.

I’m not surprised by Dead Space, however. The whole “I can have it but no one else can” marketing worked. Dead Space was released originally as a U.S. only game. Originally it was a ploy that Japan and Germany banned the game. Well hell. If they banned it, it’s gotta be good!  Yeah they didn’t, but it boosted sales in a way they didn’t expect. It’s still a hot item to get through imports in Japan.

See people. The Japanese play Xbox games. Just not as often as we do.

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  1. Good information and i will try to download on my Xbox then i will tell my friends thank you so much for sharing :)


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