Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PacMan Your Politics

Politics and anything geek related never mix. Remember when Hermain Cain used the Pokemon movie song in his campaign? Glorious in all the wrong ways. I don’t think that sent the right message Cain.

So I had to stop and watch the sad hilarity of this. David Dewherst, Lt Governor of Tehas and his campaign released a video online. Obviously from the context of it involving video games and recreating PacMan he was trying to reach the 1980’s crowd. Clearly not us cool kids of the 90’s because we don’t play the Man of Pac or Ms. Man of Pac. We like them shooters. We can’t have that message in a campaign ad about Ted Cruz.

The whole thing is ridiculous to watch. I’m sure it’ll get a ton of views for its silliness and not because of the campaign. Thank you once again big time government men for not getting the crowd you’re trying to target. Those 80’s kids want Jellies, Swatches, and should pads! Hmm..I wonder if Namco and Midway approved of this. I smell a lawsuit!


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