Friday, June 15, 2012

TOR Troubles Continue

I realize 2/3 aren't TOR characters, but still so awesome
being on the bad side.
I think we all saw it coming. And I’m still paying for my subscription. Go me!

The Old Republic has been smacked with lots of questions and lost subscriptions since its December launch. I wasn’t surprised when it all went down. In fact, I made a warning in beta when they first announced the release date last year that it was too soon. The game needed a lot of fine-tuning and had to do something to keep players at level 50 engaged. They haven’t really done that.

Since hitting 50, I’ve been jumping around on other jobs to stay busy. Jobs that I wanted to play to 50 in beta but never had the energy to really put into it with the limited time frames. Post-50 on Imperial Agent is pretty boring. The story is done. There’s no new exciting adventures to be had. There’s PvP and a world boss or two, but that’s about it. Nothing to keep me entertained.

Yeah. I’m still playing. And paying. There’s a nostalgia factor that’s keeping me going. Plus they might hand out some freebes for those of us that are full-time subscribers should they go free-to-play. XD They did it with the tauntauns! I <3 my pet tauntaun.

Where BioWare has said they were against a free-to-play model back in December, the game’s lead designer has recently commented that they were looking into it.

Honestly, I have to blame EA. I know, that’s my trump card every time, but think about it. BW was pretty nifty for a while. They had a good thing going for them. EA bought them out and the company has been sliding since them. Look at the uproar over Mass Effect 3 (zomg! Crappy ending is crappy!) And I’m pretty sure BW would have delayed TOR for at least another year if it weren’t for EA pushing for the release. I would have been ok with that. EA is notorious for doing that. *coughssims3sporeapbbulletstormrockband*

If EA would take a step back and let BW do what they do best, that would be a good start to fixing this mess. I don’t think the game is necessarily bad. TOR just isn’t finished for a first release of an MMO.


  1. I used to play WOW and I've been pretty happy with SWTOR, I played for free at first and then signed on with the May the 4th special. I love my Sith Warrior and I just got my starship so it opens up literaly the whole galaxy. I haven't had much success playing with groups but I play in a lite server. I think with a few more updates and patches the game will improve. Give it time...

  2. Why doesn't Blogger have a "reply to comment" feature yet? It's been too long Blogger!

    Thanks for the comment. I still enjoy playing and I'm hopeful that with the upcoming patches some of the issues will be fixed. But I still think it was pushed out too early and if they had given BW a chance to sit and fine-tune it, it'd be a much stronger product.


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