Monday, July 30, 2012

2 For 1 Blog Post!

The first from the wonderful corner of the Consumerist. Also part of the “haha, nice try getting DRM to stick”.

Apparently there are some plugins buried into the games that can be prodded by keyloggers. So while trying to keep their game from being copied they can open your computer up to hacking. Thanks Ubisoft!

You can view the full list here. But it’s basically everything Assassin’s Creed and some Tom Clancy.


PEGI new system
PEGI is the ratings classification for Europe, and now a new law is in place in the U.K. that allows retailers to be fined if they’re caught selling a game to someone under age. I.E. if a 12 year old buys a 16 rated game, the retailer can be fined and the employee sentenced to up to 6 months in prison.

As I’ve stated on multiple occasions, I don’t know how they can enforce this. Short of having a police officer stationed at every retail location that sells games, and I’m sure they have much better things to be doing, there’s no real way to make this law stick.
I think the ESRB’s findings are pretty clear that kids are not getting those games from the stores but from their parents or elder relatives.
There are also changes to the PEGI system to make it more clear which products are 15+, 18+, and the newer guidelines for the 12+ category. All video games will now be regulated through PEGI and the U.K.’s regulators will be absolved, except when a game needs an 18+ rating (which is like our version of NC-17 or XXX: very rarely.)

The Supreme Court has already ruled in our favor in the U.S. Let’s hope that the English courts do the same because you know this is going to head to trial.


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