Thursday, July 19, 2012

Catching A Date Site Geek

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I had to laugh at all of this. I know people want to find “love” and their true match in life. Especially if you’re a gamer, what better way to meet someone then to do it through a website just for gamers!

This is a nice tie in to yesterday’s post about “men are going to kill the species because of porn and games”.

Yeah. Anyone can tell you that a lot of these sites are just revenue generators. You’ll have way better luck finding a geek guy or girl on or eHarmony. It’s another situation where you’re looking for love in all the wrong places. And those websites are trying way too hard to get your attention, and your money, with nothing in return.

Here is how you can easily spot the fake dating websites from the real ones:

Fact 1 Not all men or women look like the images portrayed. The real websites will use real people or all shapes, sizes, and skin colors.

Fact 2 Interests and finding out about you to locate a match will be more than a 5 question form. Real websites will have you fill out pages (and interests range beyond “I like Pop music”.

Fact 3 Dating websites won’t use gun’s in their logos, unless it’s for a local gun club single roundup. Yes those really do exist. I’ve seen the ads.

Fact 4 Real websites won’t use “cute, hot, sexy” in their taglines. Just avoid those. If you want any of that, go find some porn.

It’s pretty obvious to tell the real from the fake sites, but some people are hoping for some kind of human connection that they overlook the warning signs. So gamers, just be aware of where you’re going for dates. Even craigslist might be better then these “gaming dates” websites.

For those out there wanting to find love with a geek girl whom shares your interests, I’ll let you in on a few things.

~ Let your lady be herself. She can be excited about her interests, both with games and other hobbies. She needs to be allowed to express those aspects of her life.

~ Don’t force her into playing games she doesn’t have interest in. Suggesting to her to try something out of her norm is fine, but don’t push her into it. Let her game how she wants to.

~ Co-op (both on and offline) can be a lot of fun. Pick games that you both share interests in. Or if you don’t like the same games, Mario Kart and Resident Evil 5 always work for hours of fun.

~ Respect her and report online abuse. Which seems obvious, but a number of guys I know will rattle off on Xbox Live with their girlfriend playing without thinking about what they’re saying, or not taking into account that someone is threatening her because she’s a girl. Stand up to it. Ask them to stop (politely, don’t go nerd raging on them) and report them. Your lady will thank you in the long run.

~ On the same train as the last point, if your lady is feeling uncomfortable in a game and the jerk offs won’t stop, report them and leave. Don’t keep yourself and her in that situation because it will cause tension between you two later.

~ Let her experience your nerdy/geeky moments together. Look she’s going to find out eventually. Better sooner than later. You’ll be happier in the long run.

~ Not all gaming girls look like Asian supermodels like the media and booth babes portray. Don’t go out there and expect to get a woman that looks like one. At the same time, not all gaming girls are overweight. A lot of them are pretty normal or healthy. Be realistic about your expectations. You have probably overlooked quite a number of women interested in you because you were shooting for something that doesn’t exist. Same for you ladies. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be physically attracted to someone. That’s an important part of a relationship. But trying to aim for someone that doesn’t exist will cause you to overlook all of the wonderful women around you.

~ Don’t hit on anything that looks like a woman. It’s not attractive. It’s slimy and creepy. Approach a woman with confidence, but be humble. Ask if you can buy her a drink. If she’s not interested, take the hint, be polite, and leave her alone. Don’t be the creeper. Women find out fast if you’re the creeper in the room. Mingle with your friends again before approaching another woman that you find attractive. Geek women are just like real women. We don’t have any special codes to unlock. We want to be talked to just like everyone else.

Sh*t. When did I become a dating expert?


  1. I don't know, I'm pretty sure:

    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A

    Does in fact work on Geek women.


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