Friday, July 13, 2012

Even Forbes Is Talking About Sexism In Video Games

Forbes got real. I*t. This isn’t the Forbes that I know. When did they become more lax about their articles? Is it because he’s a contributor and maybe not officially with Forbes? Who knows.

But now with the Anita Sarkeesian punch game (really trolls? You’ve hit a new low making that), more people are crawling out of their comfort zone to speak up about female gamers and how women are portrayed in video games. Whether you like it or not, it needs to be talked about.

And while it probably won’t change the minds of the trolls, and it probably really is only a small minority of the issues, it’s out there. If we are open about it, we can change the culture surrounding it. It’s ok to say “No. That’s not funny,” when people drop the r word. And if we keep an open dialogue developers will see it and it can impact the future of games.

There’s my piece for the day. Keeping it small. I’ll have the Halo review up eventually. I haven’t had a chance to pull photos and video off my camera. >_<


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