Friday, July 27, 2012

Gaming + Olympics

As the world gears up for the opening ceremony of the Olympics (of course I’ll be watching too as a former competitive gymnast; I’m a sucker for the games), someone has to talk about Michael Phelps obsession with video games.
Oh yes. Because he is working towards another 7 gold medals this year, someone has to point out that he plays Call of Duty up to 30 hours a week. Which is bad according to Liz Woolley, founder of Online Gamers Anonymous. Apparently video game addiction is even more dangerous to people such as Phelps who have a highly driven, competitive nature.

Of course there isn’t any proof to back this up that Phelps has an addiction, and that it could be detrimental to his time at the Olympics.

Look I’m not going to discount that video game addiction could be a real problem. Someone who spends a week straight doing nothing but playing a video game and allowing their life to deteriorate probably has some issues they need to address with a psychiatrist.

Maybe for Phelps this is his way of relaxing. 4-5 hours a day really isn’t that bad. And from experience I find that people tend to round up when they talk about their gaming time. 30 hours a week is probably more like 20.

You know what would be awesome? If he won his 7 gold medals. Then it would be about “how video games can help you win gold medals”. How’s that for a spin?


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