Monday, July 23, 2012

Go To The Movies

2 postings today. This is one I have to get off my chest.

The violence in Aurora, CO at the theater showing a midnight premier of The Dark Knight is sad, unexpected, and unnecessary violence. We are all sending positive thoughts to the families and friends of those involved.

The reaction from the fall-out is, of course, overblown. I’m glad I went to the Thursday midnight showing because I would not have been happy to go this weekend with the “extra security” roaming.

I know what happened is sad and people want to take extra precaution. Here’s the thing…we’re letting these crazy aholes win by freaking us out.

Every time something bad happens on a plane, security gets beefed up that now toddlers are getting pat-downs.

Whenever someone threatens a school, we now have metal detectors and kids can’t wear backpacks. (Ask me about the year after Columbine. Worse, year, ever. School sucked bad enough. After Columbine, it really freekin’ sucked.) You know why so many kids today have health issues? Carry 10 AP books in your arms from class to class and tell me how you feel at the end of the day.

Now that someone went after a theater, we’re going to see things change. Unfortunately.

AMC was the first to ban costumes outright, only to later amend it to no face-masks and fake weapons (I wouldn’t bring any of my prop weapons to movies anyway). The outpour from people on their Facebook page has been a mix of “you should ban costumes it’s not Halloween” to “why are you taking the fun out of the movies?” Clearly I’m for the latter. Seriously. Who made the former the fun-police?

Dressing up in a costume is no different than a sports fan putting on body paint of their teams colors, dying their hair, and going to a game to show their support. I know that analogy has been used a lot lately, but why is being a sports fan “normal” but dressing up as a comic book character “weird”? Damn hypocritical society.

Even though AMC clarified their rules, the whole situation sucks. Things are going to change. People and the news are going to blame the media and probably video games. Again. Even with the power of the internet, there’s only so much we as consumers can do.

But there is one thing.

Stand up against the violence.

Don’t be afraid to live life.

This really was a freak act of violence. It’s not a daily occurrence. If we dictate how we live life based on what we see on the news, we’d all be sheltered in our homes and never leave.

There is a chance every single day that you wake up that you may get hurt. You may lose a limb. You may die. But you get up anyway don’t you? You go out to your car and drive daily knowing the risks. In the U.S. alone there are over 6 million car accidents every year (note accident /= death), and 1 person every 12 minutes is killed in a car wreck. You know how many accidents occur on a plane on a yearly basis on average? 10 world-wide. with just under 400 fatalities. Way safer to be on a plane.

We shouldn’t allow the actions of one man stop us from living life.

Go to the movies. Don’t be afraid of what tomorrow will bring. Enjoy every moment that you have.

Don’t allow yourself or anyone else to succumb to fear. There is so much joy, laughter, and enlightenment from going to the movies. No one should bar themselves from that experience because of these murders.

And don’t be fun nazi’s. Everyone is allowed to enjoy life and dressing up is a part of it. If you do the sports thing, being in a costume is no different.


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