Monday, July 02, 2012

Halo 4 Coming To Comic-Con and Others

So it’s not surprising that I have a general concern about Halo 4. The game ended pretty well. At least I thought so. Bungie seemed adamant about stopping the train. And then they released ODST and a bunch of other spin-offs that made us scratch our head. 4 is officially coming out in November on U.S. election day. I’m still unsure about it, but guess who gets to play it this weekend?

Yep. Me!

I can still question the logic behind it and play it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

A part of me feels that it’s Microsoft pushing them to keep the franchise going. Much like EA does with…all of their games. I’m sure there are a number of people that want to do other things. Heck a chunk of them left to start their own company (still under Microsoft btw). It just feels like the series came to a good conclusion there really isn’t a need for 4. But far be it for me to decide. It’ll sell a million+ copies on the release date, easily. Why question when money is involved.

See this is why I couldn’t be a professional/paid writer. I’m too cynical and talk bad about some companies.  I don’t like to at times, but when you get screwed over by EA one too many it’s kind of hard to play nice.

No promises that I can snag photos or videos. They’ll probably make me turn off my camera. So enjoy this preview of the live action series (really? We need that too?) while I try it out this weekend.


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