Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Little Bit of Ooo-Yah In Your Life

A new technology firm called Ouya has announced a new system they want to release for under $100 for home entertainment systems. Like other consoles it connects to a television and plays with a controller. However unlike the others this thing is about the size of a rubix cube (which is pretty freekin tiny!) and will be a customizable open-Android system to play phone and tablet-like video games.

Basically you can play Angry Birds on your TV without having to get all the extra hook-ups and tools to pull it from your phone, as it overheats in rage while you play.

The controllers will be similar to what’s available now for the PS3/360, with joysticks, and a touchpad. The system can connect to an online store similar to GooglePlay or the Apple App Store where you can try games out for free before buying them. That is the goal of course. Get people to spend more money with a really cheap system. You’re basically buying a phone to play games on your TV but not make any phone calls. Hmm…sounds like the iPad.

They have started a Kickstarter fund for $950,000. (owie) If you donate $699 you will get a console, two controllers, and a game development kit. Some open-source developers such as the brains of Minecraft are looking into developing a version of their product for the console. This isn’t meant to be for larger products like Madden or NCAA, but for smaller companies to make their games known and not be a strictly cell-phone product. Something like Limbo could do nicely on the system.

So a notch above The Jungle, but an uncertain future. Best of luck to them. Their fund has already exceeded it's $950k goal with 29 days left.


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