Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pretty Geek Girls Exist!

It’s nice to see that men are finally stepping up and being responsible humans in defending the other gender from allowing them to dive into the geek pool, so to speak. Sometimes the freelance blog from CNN contributors are pretty good. Their geek blog in particular has some highs, and the occasional low. While the title is not really appropriate (booth babes does not always = geek, many of them are models paid by a company to push product; sometimes they know their stuff and sometimes it's a job), Joe Peacock is one such geek fan who is standing up for the rights of women, and telling the posers to gtfo.

Part of the trouble with women being accepted in a community that is male dominated is that there are those that want to, unfortunately, capitalize on it. Geeks and nerds are a target just like everyone else. When someone finds a way to exploit your weakness, given a chance they will. It’s a sad fact. Some women pander in costumes to get attention (outside of the normal cosplay attention). Marketing has been doing it for years to get games and geek products sold.

Here is my stance: Men. Don’t automatically assume that all pretty women at a geek gathering are doing it for the attention. Guess what? There are a lot of pretty women who are into geek things. At the same time, don’t barrage them with an endless string of geeky questions that most geeks probably can’t answer themselves. I’ve brought it up before. It just pisses us off that we have to constantly test our "geekness".

If you want to check a woman’s geek factor, bring up something she might be interested in. How do you find that out? Well look at what’s she wearing; maybe there’s a gaming logo in her shit. Or see what comic book she picked up at the booth she’s at. Or ask about the buttons and patches on her messenger bag.

“That’s a cool Master Chief button. Is that the 2 armor?”

“3. But I really want to get an original of so-and-so character before they made him shiny in 3.”

And there you have it. You’ve confirmed her geekness without asking “where is the bathroom on the Enterprise” question.

My only qualm is his gripe against the Frag Dolls (I originally wrote that as gripe on gripe but that was weird). In their early inception, they were a group of women that really did game and enjoyed it. They may not have been “geeky” in the sense that we expect them to be, but they found a love for gaming and went to tournaments as a team of women. While they currently do a lot more than game by creating merchandise to sell themselves (and who doesn’t these days?), I don’t feel like they “play up to be geeks” like the 6 of 9’s Peacock refers to. Most of them are legit gamers. They have a few titles under their belt. Yes, they are pretty and utilize it. Not something I agree with, but they’re not complete fakes with gamers either. They know their stuff.

Aside: I know I typically don't refer to women as "girls". Truely, I only titled and used girls to directly correlate to the original article. As many of you know, I prefer to use the term "female gamer" and "female geek" over "geek girl" or "girl gamer".


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