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GameStop Top 10 of Crappy Companies to Work For

Ok. I think I’m at the point now where I can safely talk about some things without GameStop coming after me.

Have fun trying to sue me GameStop. I live paycheck to paycheck. I have over $60 grand in student loan debt (it use to be $90) so I can’t file for bankruptcy and get protection. I have to live with my parents because my monthly loan payments are just THAT high. I thought mine were bad until I looked at my brothers. Yeash! How do people expect us to pay off our loans in this sh*tty ass economy when bills are $1200+ a month? Oh right. That requires them to care.

So GameStop, I have nothing of value to you. Enjoy!

I was sent this article from a friend and I could not stop laughing. GameStop is #10 on the list of Worse Companies to Work For. Hah! Here's the Fox Business article for extra lol's.
I say the following while acknowledging that there are at least 8 people in the company that this doesn’t apply to. Working for GameStop will make you want to kill yourself.

The biggest issue is that it really is a company all about profits. They keep “trying” to get store employees and customer service to believe that they are the heart of the company. Ok. If that’s the case, pay them more. Getting the sub-par hourly wages (at least $3-5 less then what customer service averages in the U.S.) They try to portray this image of “we’re about the customers” when it’s anything but. You know who’s privileged in the company? Janitorial service gets more praise then the little hole in the wall that customer service and store help desk is shoved into. They also get paid more. A lot more. If it weren’t for the hours, I would have gladly transferred into that department.
I didn't make this edit. Thank you google images!

Clearly the biggest issue I have was the money. Of course. It’s always about money. But on a national average GameStop store employees and customer service are well below the average. You know what the pay raise difference is between a store sales associate and a store manager? 25 cents an hour. For a measly 25 cents you get a hundred more responsibilities. Yeah. They wonder why the turn-over rate is so high. We’re already underpaid, and you only want to promote me for 25 cents? Ouch. Thanks for caring!

Marketing material presented to stores is always focused on the sale. And guess what? Store employees are judged based on how many pre-orders they can stock into the system. Yep. Your performance review is all about selling. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most liked person in the store by every customer. If you sell the least amount of pre-orders of anyone there, you’re out.

That wonderful combo of low pay and push for sales results in a high turn-over rate. The employees that GameStop needs (not Wants but Needs) won’t work for them because of this. All of the quality employees are going to their competitors where they’ll be treated as, for lack of a better term, humans.
It applies to GameStop too.
One of the articles does mention EA!

Here’s the reality of it all: if you want good, quality employees, you have to pay them appropriately. Minimum wage with a chance of a 25 cent raise at promotion is pretty craptastical. So of course you’re going to get employees that don’t care. They need a job and you’re willing to pay, so they’ll take it. That’s not exactly the culture you want to instill in the company. Now their major issue is that this has been the system for so long, it’s been deeply ingrained into the company that it’ll take years, if not decades to clean it up.

On to customer service! Well GameStop was rated badly on the Consumer Report’s annual in 2011. A lot of it has to stem from my previous statements. Employees don’t care about the company because they are not paid enough to care (and they’re not getting quality employees in the first place). That’s not to say ALL employees because there are a few gems.

GameStop has a “no” culture when it comes to customer service. If it’s not clearly outlined in the rules, you say no. They tried this “just say yes” campaign and I think that lasted a week. Why? Because customer service and store employees would get written up by their supervisors for helping the customer. Shock! You get berated for being nice to a customer. You get hammered for trying to assist them. You get written up for taking a customer call that lasts longer than 5 minutes. There’s no way to win. It’s a lot of corporate bs, making you feel like an animal.
EV Games. Heroin Hero Anyone?

Truthfully, I don’t know how I managed to last as long as I did. Working for GameStop made me physically ill. No seriously, it did. I had the worse abdominal pain for nearly a year before I had to quit. My very last time leaving the building, that pain vanished and I’ve been feeling fantastic ever since.

I don’t blame the stores or the supervisors in the departments I worked in. It all came from people above them, their bosses, and their bosses boss, and so on! They try to make things work, but when you have a company that keeps pushing you down, you give up and succumb to their sales pitches. It sucks.

For all the bad I do have to say one thing…insurance was pretty good and affordable. Hard to believe, right? They’ll pay you nothing, but want to keep you healthy enough so you can continue to be paid nothing. Not that it mattered. You were guilt tripped every single time you were sick. I don’t remember using the insurance because I couldn’t take time off to go to a doctor. Counter-intuitive there. Yea for money wasted!
McKayla is not impressed GameStop.

And knowing what I know about the other departments, things are not much better. You get a little more leeway, but the climate is negative. It’s the same scenario over and over again. Sell, sell, sell. No one cares about the employee or the customers.

If I ever own a business (HAH) I’m going to do everything the exact opposite of GameStop. Even if it keeps me from billions in profits, I’d rather work be a place of enjoyment then one of torture.

Though I do find it equally as amusing that non-GS employees are not surprised that people hate working for GameStop!

Wow I rambled. Ok so the real tie-in to this article was suppose to be this piece from Gamasutra about the potential for GameStop to be taken over. It’s a large independent retailer and it would take one hell of a sale for the company to give that up. We’re talking about Walmart size retail would need to buy it. BestBuy is a joke of an option.

I can’t imagine that GameStop would be willing to give up their power. It’ll be a long time down the road before a buy-out ever happens. If anything, it’ll probably be an overseas company or someone like Fox who has no connections to the business, but has a ton of money to make up for it.


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