Thursday, August 16, 2012

NBA2K13...Hell You Already Know The Deal

Ok. You know what I hate about hunting down news sometimes? When everyone, everywhere, posts the exact same story. There has to be more going on today, but nope! It’s all about the 1992 Dream Team vs. the 2012 Redeem Team.

If you really care, this is all you need to know: NBA2K13 will allow players to re-create the 1992 USA Men’s Olympic Basketball Team and the 2012 Team. You can pit them against each other. Why is this a big deal? Well all-throughout the broadcast by NBC this summer Olympics, commentators kept asking which team would be better. Well now you can play them out in a video game.

There you go. Thank you mainstream media.

At least they’re not poking the dead horse about video games causing violence with the recent string of shootings.


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