Monday, August 27, 2012

Why Shoudn't We Get Spoilers?

I find it absolutely hilarious and awesome that Forbes is finally getting into reporting about the video game business. We’re finally “worthy” of your presence now, eh?

As a lovely counter to my post earlier this month, one journalist at Forbes thinks that RockStar is doing it right by keeping extra-quiet about GTA5.

How right? Well right enough to write an article in Forbes about it.

Since the announcement of GTA5 we’ve received one trailer (that had 0 information on what the game would focus on) and 12 screenshots. 10 released within the past week. Yep. That’s it! A year later and we know squat! XD As fans, we seem to be ok with it. We know that with RockStar and TakeTwo we’re going to get a quality product that’s worthy of shelling out $59.99 plus tax. Even the “bad” games are still pretty damn good in comparison. Part of RockStar’s shtick is to be in the shadows and the cool kids only club. You have to be a member to get the info, and even then, you swear on your soul never to speak of it. Fight Club rules apply here. But it works! Come release date, we’ll all be lining up to get our copy of the next installment.

Which is an interesting flip from what I posted earlier this month, or rather linked to from an article on Kotaku.

If we knew everyone there is to know about GTA5, would there be as many people interested in buying the game?

My vote is yes.

Here’s the hypothesis: We know the general set-up for GTA games. It’s going to be an expansive city of some sort with its own lore, but plays off of a real-world equivalent. There will be driving, and weapons, and missions, and possibly flying and boats. There will also probably be some really stupid achievements (200 pigeons!) and hidden gems that only GTA can provide us. We know the jist of how these games play out. From GTA 3 to present (that includes Vice City and San Andreas) it’s been the same format in terms of gameplay and expectations. What’s made each game stand out from the rest are the characters and the stories being told.

If we were told some bits and pieces about the story got GTA5, would it ruin your interaction with the game? Probably not. You’re still going to run out and play the game. I knew the ending to San Andreas long before I finished the game. It didn’t change my experience, as far as I am concerned. I still enjoyed it and feel like it would have felt the same regardless of when information was presented to me.

I know that there is some satisfaction in testing the unknown waters and going into a game blind. Let the experience speak for itself! But in the case of GTA where we know the basic style and game-play, would it really ruin anything if we had a few more pieces of information?


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