Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You Are How You Play

Playnomics has created fundamental archetypes for gamers as a means of research and studying what and why gamers play the games they do. How do they figure it out? It works like this.

You sign up on their website and download a program and play the game provided. Your actions will determine your scoring in their system and develop your chart. Now this is currently suppose to be reserved to game developers only, but I’m sure a number of people have tested it since the Kotaku article was posted.
Basically the chart they have created is based on three axis (or axes, get it?) One line representing pursing pleasure in playing a game, one in problem solving, and one in social tendencies. Where you fall on the graph determines your archetype.

Now the breakdown of each category is limited to a really short blurb, so we don’t know for certain what the details are. But what a nifty little conclusion derived from playing a game. This isn’t us coming up with our own conclusions, but science working a hypothesis.

I’d imagine I’m a habitualist or socialites.


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