Friday, September 14, 2012

Mass Effect Journal 2: His Name Is Dartanian

3 Musketeers! All for one and one for all~ the mantra of Mass Effect.

No. Not that crappy, half-ass, kung-fu remake they did last year. That was horrible. I’m talking about the originals. The best!

Hm… I should probably narrow this down and clarify that I’m referring to the 1953 French film with Georges Marchal. There have been way too many movies about the musketeers. It was even serialized in 1911. Although The Man in the Iron Mask with Leo was a pretty good variation too. I just like the French one better.

I know I used the bastardized English variation of the name, but I’m pretty sure Shep isn’t French. Sorry guys!

I didn’t have much time to play last night, but I wanted to at least get SOMETHING accomplished. What was up next? The thing that looked like it was pulled out of Halo. I’m at the Citadel! Time to start selling and buying new stuff that will make me broke for at least another mission or two.

Immediately I want something from this game: a mini-map that is actively on my screen. The one you have to access your main menu to reach is not as helpful as I’d like for it to be. Sure I can see when there’s an enemy as a little red blip, but meh. I’d rather have the map somewhere on my screen so I can properly position myself. Unless I’m missing something, because please tell me if I am. If there’s an option to flip that thing on, I’d love it right about now. I’d like to not be confused with endless/pointless running.

So after about 15 minutes of running in a giant circle to familiarize myself with the first floor, I accidently found my next mission point to talk to the council. The blinking ! told me to go there, so there I went.

Aside from the lack of proper mapping to keep me sane, what I do like is that I finally have back story. Now Shep has a reason for doing the things he’s doing. I’m not just “random soldier man”. I’m now “helping humanity move forward in the universe by being a badass soldier man.”

And look~ Mini-quests. How is this game not KOTOR? It just needs a few lightsabers and we’re golden.

But even with my stumbling around aimlessly, I’m starting to like the game. Story helps. There was a lot of it, of course, but now I feel like I have a purpose to continue on. Dartanian Shep will move forward in his journey!

Also, blue alien chicks. All over the place. Actually you know what the Citadel reminds me of? Starfleet Academy from the Star Trek “revision.” Utilitarian, but it was nifty to look at. And lots of meaningless, pretty water features. And green/blue alien women who are there as eye candy. With Mass Effect they’re open about it, so props for that?

What I hope to accomplish on the next play through? Getting off the Citadel; it feels like I’m going to be stuck there for longer than expected. “Fish face. I just scanned all of these spider things for you. There were a lot of them. I really don’t want to do anything else. Oh. You’re offering me 100 xp? Awh hell. Ok fine.” I’m a sucker for easy XP.


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