Friday, September 21, 2012

Mass Effect Journal 9: Paperback Writer

Dear Sir or Madam,

Will you follow my play?

It took me hours to write, will you sit and stay?

It’s set in space with some hot alien chicks,

And an evil dude that doesn’t care about humans.

It’s called Mass Effect.

Mass Effect!

It’s a long ass story with a short ass name,

With lots of pretty pictures to pass the time.

You can choose your path or you can follow the course,

No matter where you go you’ll be on the attack due to Mass Effect.

Mass Effect!

That was so corny. Thank you. *bows*

I played Beatles Rock Band last night instead of Mass Effect. Why? What started as one song turned into ten. “Why haven’t I conquered these on expert? I know them better then I know my own phone number.”

Until next round!


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