Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Mindset: Just Because It Is Doesn't Make It Right

I realize that I keep harping on this issue, but sexism in the gaming and geek community has been a big button pusher lately. Here are some stats and here is a fantastic editorial.
We’re getting to the point, however, that like Lana Polansky that we’re just tired of it. But we’re not seeing any signs of change. It’s the same crap over and over again. (I think I just figured out what I like Dan Brown’s novels. They always go back to how women were worshipped and considered partners to men, not as servants visa-vie religion. Holy crap!) It’s been like this for, what, centuries now? Engrained into our culture, we as female geeks are going to always be subject to some form of verbal abuse because we are women.

Is it right that we have to shut up and deal with it? Of course not. But the hard reality is that it’s going to take a few lifetimes before we see any changes being made to the culture thought that anything not a human male is inferior. And it sucks! I can’t say it as eloquently as Polansky, but that’s the hard truth. What can we do to change it? I don’t really know for certain.

We’re at the right spot. The fact that a number of us are being vocal, telling our stories, and offering insight is good. We need to move to the next step. Boycotting couldn’t hurt either. We make up a pretty sizeable chunk of the video game purchasing audience (despite when men feel is a “boys only club”). If enough of us refuse to buy, that’ll get a few minds to change.

I can hear it now. “But it’s not the game developers fault that we are this way.” True. But they’re not helping the situation either when they pander to the expected culture/mind-frame.

Soap box moment over, for now~


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