Thursday, September 06, 2012

Working for Glenn Beck Doesn't Pay

I’m back! And really flippin’ tired. *falls over* I enjoyed hosting my panels and had a lot of fun, but talking about robots can wear a person out. If anyone is interesting in my ramblings about the convention I’ll post something at one point. Probably tomorrow.

But today! I want to talk about Warren Spector hates Glenn Beck. So much so that he wouldn’t let a Beck employee have a pair of mouse ears to promote Epic Mickey 2.
Why is this amusing? Well this situation happened at the GameStop annual Managers conference. Why was a Glenn Beck employee there? Said employee also works for GameStop.

So here’s Glenn Beck. A man that left FOX and got a nice paycheck in the process. Forbes announced him as one of the top paid 25 celebrities this past fiscal year. He pocketed 60 million dollars.

And he has an employee working at a GameStop store.

When your salary is so piss poor that you have to work at GameStop, something is wrong with the picture. I think we have finally found someone who is cheaper then GameStop. Glenn Beck. Way to be a cheap ass Glenn. I’d be amazed if you even offered health insurance. Oh wait. We can’t talk about that. We know you’re anti-freedom to live.

This isn’t about Spector vs. Beck any more. Whatever you political affiliation may be. This is about a man wanting some damn Mickey Mouse ears that he’s way too poor to afford on his own because he works for Glenn Beck and GameStop. Someone get this man the ears he has earned!


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