Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Already Looking Too Much Like Christmas

Pretty sure this is NOT kid friendly.
GameStop is launching at least 80 temporary pop-up stores for the holiday season. Whoopie. The idea is to sell more of the toys and weird little gimmicky items that are in limited quantity at the larger retail locations, like plushies, key chains, and apparently Minecraft axes. As the article points out, the intent is to focus on more kid-friendly items, but really most of us in the X-Y generations would want these things. Not kids. Kids don’t know about the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. We do.

The holiday pop-up shops are a big deal this year. Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple have all been doing this around the country for smaller items (ear phones, phone cases, etc.). And really, any way for GameStop to make money, they’ll do it. These stores are more like the on-hand mini locations of ThinkGeek, with products falling into the “Other” category of sales (making up a decent size of the company’s revenue).

It’s not a bad idea, but having it target kids is, well, underselling themselves. Your target audience for these products is clearly going to be that 21-35 adult male range. They want those toys. Kids don’t. Kids want the Furby this year. When did those become popular again? I have an original!


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