Thursday, October 04, 2012

Mass Effect Journal 13: I’m Almost Done Side-Questing. Rejoice!

Until I get to the next major plot point, right?

I’m continuing on my romp around the galaxy to finish off these side quests. BW really loves their copy/paste, don’t they?

“Hm. We have to go into this tunnel to get to the crime lord. Let’s go!” And it looks exactly like the Rachni lair I went to on the last planet. And the infected scientists hiding hole on the planet before that.

And let’s just talk about our Moon base. Man. We built a pretty sad ass moon base, didn’t we? I don’t care if it’s supposed to be a “training ground”. We’re Earth. We’re humans. We like bigger, better, and bolder. Not that tiny ass p.o.s. base we made. Which of course was copied and pasted 3 times to be 3 mini bases that make up one base.


Yeah. Bad form Earth. Way to make us look like wusses.

But this has been sort of fun, now that I’m at the point where I’m getting side quests from my ship-mates. Wrex is…he’s funny. I’m enjoying his one liners and he’s so direct. He’ll tell you to f-off and go about his business. Doesn’t matter! His random quips while searching for his family’s armor kept me chuckling.

“I think I’m starting to like you Shepard.”

Well you know what guy? I think you have been upgraded to my backup party member if Garrus or Tali annoy me. Congrats!

But huzzah! The questing is done! Now to move on to the story.

“Mister Shepard! I need you to do something else for me!”

Damnnit! Why did I go back to the Citadel?!?! Everything was going so well!


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