EA Games. We’re So Hardcore We Get Navy SEAL’s Fired!

Medal of Honor: Warfighter released just a few weeks ago, and to make it extra special EA went to currently active Navy SEAL’s for their input on combat, weapons, armor, special items, etc. Things that are really used by them in their “work life.” Which the Navy didn’t appreciate. Why? Well EA circumvented the system and instead of going to the Navy directly, they went to the individuals who work that front line combat. Whoops.

In all, 7 were charged with unauthorized showing of official combat gear, and disclosing classified material. Not the type of material that should get us worried that someone is going to take over the country. These are past missions they are referring to. However, this is also the Navy SEAL’s one of the elite groups in the world. They have access to technology that is unheard of. Leaking that to EA IS a big deal.

All 7 were issued letters of reprimand, 2 month pay suspension, and basically will be forbidden to move up in the ranks of the Navy which kills their career. “Fired” is a nice way of putting it. They’re still in the Navy but they won’t be able to move from their current positions. Ever.

I don’t know if this will boost sales for EA, but that really sucks. I don’t know who’s worse. EA for bypassing the rules (ALWAYS go to the govt first BEFORE you talk to the guys on the front line), or the SEAL’s for being so candid about it when it’s clearly against the rules. I wonder what EA did to persuade them. “Um…we’re making this game and we want you to be in it.” “Score!” Actually, that sounds like a real possibility. How sad.

EA could never pay me enough to divulge GameStop secrets. My ass would not be able to support the ensuing lawsuits.